Carmen Callaway - Broken Pull Out Promises (Teen Pies)


Scene Description

Carmen Callaway loves her boyfriend, but he's always taking business trips and barely has time for her. He even has the nerve to tell her to keep her legs closed while he's gone, but she wants dick and she wants it now! Just before he leaves they decide to fuck, and their was no time for a condom so Carmen allowed it unprotected as long as he promised to pull out. Like any sane man would he agreed and they got to banging. He took Carmen's pussy for a ride, pounding his bell shaped tip down her tight tubes fiercely. Carmen even reminded him to pull out a few times during the fucking, but shortly after she began to ride him an explosion of white creamy goo seeped out of her pussy. Carmen was distraught but her boyfriend told her not to worry, daddy would be back to take care of the two of them soon. WHAT THE FUCK WAS THIS GUY UP TO?!? ...Read More

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Carmen Callaway - Want To Lick My Apple

Carmen Callaway - Innocent High

7th October - Carmen Callaway usually isn't this big of a slut in class unless you're the teacher but somehow her clasmate was able to convince her to lick his apple and then put the pound on this petite little schoolgirl slut. ...Read More
Carmen Callaway - Lets Go Exploring

Carmen Callaway - POV Life

16th April - I was trolling the rich part of town with my petite little lady Carmen, looking for a new place to fuck! My girlfriend is quite adventurous and before I knew it we were in some strangers backyard getting ready for a little discrete action. There were frog decorations everywhere and I even got my dick sucked while Carmen sat on a frog chair. I got her naked on this rad patio and got a good look at her chubby, shaved, pussy before banging her brains out outdoors. Her pussy was so wet and tight, I jizzed all over her blonde little ass. This miniature hottie and I grabbed our shit and bolted out of there before the owners got home. We didnt bother to clean up though, it wasnt our house after all. ...Read More
Carmen Callaway - Im In Love With The Cocoa

Carmen Callaway - Teens Love Black Cocks

13th May - Carmen is super bored of her mans same old vanilla dick. It barely makes an impression on her pussy anymore. Shes been secretly texting a big black confidant that graciously comes to fuck and satisfy her whenever her man is away. He always knows exactly how to make Carmen beg for more. One day, they get caught. Carmens man doesnt know what to think, but he is slightly turned on. The next day, Carmen gets home to be greeted by not just her man, but her big black lover. Turns out he knew about it for a long time, and this sick cuck actually likes it! His only request is that he gets to watch and take pics. Carmens tiny twat would do anything for a BBC, so of course she agrees. Carmen gets annihilated by that anaconda as her husband watches in joy. He eventually has to go back to work, but is super satisfied. He leaves Carmen and her big black lover to continue their rowdy fuck frenzy. She gets a luscious load of cum all over her body, and cant wait until the next time all three of them get together! ...Read More


Carmen Callaway - Exercise Orgasm

Carmen Callaway - Exercise Orgasm

18th October - Working out to keep her petite figure in perfect shape is a daily routine for Carmen Callaway, as is getting herself off as part of her cooldown. Her tiny titties are the first stop for her hands, but soon her workout clothes are on the ground and her fingers are buried in her creamy twat. ...Read More
Carmen Callaway - Aventures of Teddy Bear 2

Carmen Callaway - Aventures of Teddy Bear 2

7th March - Carmen Callaway is a seedy motel room call girl. You go the front desk, pay money, get the room number and have a good time. While she's on break she finds a teddy bear tossed in the middle of the street, unaware that it has a camera in it and the person watching is her next client. ...Read More
Carmen Callaway - Shane Diesles Dirty Little Babysitter

Carmen Callaway - Shane Diesles Dirty Little Babysitter

17th December - Carmen Callaway is craving some dark chocolate and Shane is just the type of candy to full fill her cravings. Watch as Carmen gets drilled hard and gets blasted with warm baby gravy. ...Read More

Carmen Callaway - Crazy sexy carmen

Carmen Callaway - StreetBlowJobs

10th November - I was just finishing at the pump when this cute little blond, named Carmen, came up to me. She was asking about the bus stop times because she and her boyfriend had got into a argument, and he took off with out her. Carmen didn't seem desperate, but I asked her if she needed a ride. I guess I looked harmless enough because this happened to me quite often. Maybe it was my fuel efficient car? Either way this girl was cute, and I didn't want to past up the possible opportunity. I had to get the car washed, which was a perfect time to get to find out about her situation. Carmen was in a bad spot with no money and no place to stay because of her argument/break up with her boyfriend. I put money in her mind, so she was asking if I had any work for her to do. With a girl this cute, who wouldn't think about fucking her? I was honest and told her about my adult work. Carmen didn't reject the thought, but seemed more curious than anything else. One dollar amount grew to another, and she agreed to some hardcore action for some cash. I got a sample in the car wash, which I highly recommend, but don't blame me if you get caught. We went back to my place only to find out how sexy and inexperienced she was. Carmen had never had a stranger before, and the more moves I put on her young tight box, she told me how her boyfriend had never given it to her like that before. She was such a great catch, I made a deal with her, so she could stay at my place a for the time being. I wanted to fuck her and teach her a few more things before setting her back out into the wild. ...Read More
Carmen Callaway - Sexy Bikini Babe

Carmen Callaway - Sexy Bikini Babe

22nd October - A quick dip is just what Carmen Callaway needs to cool off after sunbathing, although she's about to heat up all over again as she masturbates! Soon her bikini bra and bottom are gone, leaving this certified nubile free to use her magic fingers to pleasure her cock hungry clit and snatch. ...Read More
Carmen Callaway - Mini Skirt

Carmen Callaway - Mini Skirt

21st October - A short miniskirt creeps up to let us admire Carmen Callaway's panties, leaving this American tease hot and horny. She'll peel off her shirt to play with her small all naturals, but her real goal is putting a vibrator to work buzzing her clit and filling and fucking her tight fuck hole. ...Read More